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Drosselmeyer is a crazycruelpsychoticfriendly old man. Before his widely-mourned death at the hands of angry and terrified villagers Drosselmeyer was one of the greatest story-tellers ever to live. He was, in fact, so good at his craft that he could write stories that would then become reality which probably explains the aforementioned anger and terror.

Drosselmeyer's incredible skills grew out of a deeply unhealthy and abiding obsession with love of stories. A love that was so great that when he realized that his death was imminent he prepared a method to remain a viewer and influencer of stories even after his life ended.

Drosselmeyer's favorite type of story is the epic tragedy. He loves watching people struggle and fight and make heart-wrenching sacrifices only to have it all turn out to be in vain in the end. He often exercises his ability to manipulate stories to produce the most epic tragedies he can imagine. He's a very nice man, as may have been mentioned.

Drosselmeyer is a flamboyantly-dressed old man. He tights and an eye-tearingly pink jacket. His hair is stark white and sticks out a bit crazily. He wears an atrocious hat festooned with unnaturally colored feathers. But most people don't notice that at first. That's because they're looking at his eyes. His huge, manic eyes.

Drosselmeyer is a master story-teller. That is: a liar. Only in his very rare unguarded moments do people realize that his eyes aren't so much manic as outright insane. Most of the time he appears to be a nice old man. It's a part he's rather good at playing. About the only time he slips up in his act is when he gets caught up in the climax of an especially epic tragedy.

Drosselmeyer has the power to make stories become reality. Or, at least, he once did. Upon his death he found his powers reduced, fortunately for everyone. Now his abilities are scald back significantly, but potent nonetheless.

Drosselmeyer's chief power is the ability to place someone inside someone else's story. In game-terms this means that he has the ability to take rewrite a character's powers, appearance, and abilities to fit into some other character's world. There are two restrictions on this ability, one IC and one OOC. The IC restriction is that Drosselmeyer will only place someone in a story they don't belong to if they want him to. He may try to convince them that they do, in fact, want him to, but without willing cooperation a properly tragic story won't result so it's not doing. The OOC restriction is that Drosselmeyer will only place someone in a story if the player okays it, and he will only place a character in a specific story if every player from that canon agrees that it is okay.

If you think both of those restrictions won't be a problem, then please feel free to contact me if you're interested in the crazy old kook's interference help.

If you need to reach the player of this character then you should find me on AIM at idolovestories.

Drosselmeyer is from Princess Tutu, and is the property of Ikuko Itoh. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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